We make SOFTWARE for You!

Our process from Inside:

1. Analytics

The first thing to do is to analyze the processes that the customer wants to implement. We dive into the subject area, study and detail functional and other requirements. We draw up terms of reference and requirements for interaction with the customer. After each stage, the client or his agent receives intermediate

What will receive Customer:

  •  Overall technical tasks

  •  API requirements

  • Component requirements

2. Prototyping

The most interesting and most intensive process for developers, whether it is the development of electronics or a mobile application. Designers and developers create a prototype based on the most basic functional requirements of the customer. In a short time, the Client will be able to test the prototype on his equipment, processes and his own employees.


What will receive Customer:

  •  Prototype with сcoordinated scenarios

3. Design

Customize to the finished design or develop your applying and observing the corporate identity of the customer. We select the style that fits the tasks, authority and image of the customer. Designers are preparing the necessary graphic material - icons, illustrations, photos.


What will receive Customer:

  •  Product design

  •  Design Specifications

4. Development

We stabilize the architecture and write clean and stable code in Java, Scala, C ++, NodeJS and JavaScript. If the customer makes demands on technologies that we do not use in serial development, we attract partners or invite an external developer for this part. We test applications using Unit- and UI-tests. We use modern approaches and automated development process, CI / CD.

What will receive Customer:

  • Compiled product ready for installation and use in an internal environment

  • Source Code

5. Testing

We control quality at all stages of product development. We prepare test documentation - we develop checklists and test cases. We have a huge experience in testing multi-component high-load systems, thanks to which we ensure the high-quality work of the product - we find bottlenecks in the implementation and processes that can potentially cause problems for users.

What will receive Customer:

  • Product is ready for use

  • Check-lists and test-cases for internal integrated testing

6. Technical Support

We ensure the stable operation of applications and / or components during post-warranty service. We optimize and modernize already released components. We work on an agreed Service Level Agreement.

What will receive Customer:

  • Stable and persistent product 

  • "SWAT"-like technical support

Optional, but highly recommended!

For project management, we select a project manager who plans and regulates all work processes: distributes tasks, solves technical issues, manages risks, determines the team load, and is always in touch with the customer and the team. Together with the manager, the customer determines the priority of work, the methodology of the project, the frequency of reports and communication channels.

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