Factory Robotics and Modernization of Machinery

Painting Robot: Artrobot

Our team is involved in a startup project to create an automatic painting machine. The original concept and design has been developed, the machine is equipped with a system of synchronous servo drives and a self-developed CNC system based on Linux with a simple interface. The dimensions of the machine 2x3 meters, the speed of movement up to 60m / min. The machine allows you to paint furniture panels and doors.

Design and manufacture of spindle

A few years ago we developed and manufactured a low-speed spindle for a machine for drilling profiles. The need for such a non-standard solution was due to the lack of a suitable power on the spindle market and within the budget. Spindle power - up to 15 kW, speed from 300 to 4000 rpm

Upgrading of Industrial Machines

In the course of our core business, we regularly engaged in the restoration and modernization of CNC machine tools and controllers, their automation cabinets.

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